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It’s a pretty simple process, and one that has helped keep our forests protected and sustainable for generations. 

Every time a tree is harvested another is grown in its place.

Beyond that promising regrowth, wood products typically have a lower greenhouse footprint than alternative products. Timber requires comparatively small amounts of energy to produce and has the unique ability to store  carbon for the term of its material life, further benefiting our environment.

It’s more than regeneration – it’s rejuvenation. 

Fact: Timber is the ultimate renewable building material.

New research on urban planning shows increased productivity, better learning and faster healing in environments where we are surrounded by plants and timber. 

This new focus is known as “biophilic design”, and with every tree harvested replaced with a new one, we can all share in the benefits for generations to come.

We’re dedicated to sustainable forest management and to bringing the benefits of timber into our lives as part of a long-term sustainable future for our forests and our environment.

If you’re as passionate about timber and the future of NSW forests, visit to learn more.